PriceZombie to shut down

The popular PriceZombie tracker & comparison service is coming to an end March 31, 2016. Amazon yanked their business model out from underneath them by saying they are ineligible to be an affiliate since they report historical prices. Sure the rationale is bogus since other trackers do the same but it may be more about Amazon pushing their own browser extensions and not wanting to be “price compared” than anything else. Too bad because I like PriceZombie and had it installed in Chrome.

The real lesson here for ANY company is to look carefully at the foundation of your business. I think a classic SWOT analysis would have exposed this business vulnerability. PZ built their business model on being affiliates of the various retailers they were tracking. So if you bought something you saw had dropped or was the low price through their extension, they’d get a small cut.

To me, that seems like a fairly flimsy model since it’s one that can go away at any time. You are pitting competing retailers against each other in your own arena and if one or two of the big dogs doesn’t like it, poof. Yes PriceZombie may be unfairly singled out since others can still do it but that’s Amazon’s right and privilege.

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