Geldner Group goes to Kwajalein Atoll

At Geldner Group, we seem to find our way to remote islands now and then. This time it was on behalf of San Juan Construction and the US Army (CoE) for a pier restoration project on Kwajalein Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Located in the Marshall Islands, Kwajalein serves as an airstrip, missile testing site and basing facility for the US Army.

As usual, logistics play a big role in doing business in remote locations. For Kwajalein, it required travel to Honolulu with a layover followed by a twice weekly flight to Majuro (Marshall Islands) and then a short hope to “Kwaj”. Timing is everything so we had to plan the working sessions down to the hour. Even then the flight from Honolulu was delayed by a day due to mechanical problems so our facilitator, Linda Geldner, had to compress two normally paced days into one high energy session.

All’s well that ends well and all parties were very happy with the results. The project is getting off to the right start, everyone is on the same page and Geldner Group has been asked to bid on several additional projects for SJC.