Look-alike Logos

The featured image is pretty cool and widely used – it’s the Bacardi logo aside one of the Swiss Air Force’s (many) patch logos.

Anyway, I went to a fundraising event and, on arrival at the hotel, immediately noticed that the hotel’s logo was similar to a logo project I’d worked on during the 80’s for Ektelon, a racquetball and tennis company. (Just to be clear, I was on the client side at Ektelon — the agency of record was The Phillips Organisation). Here are the two logos:

Which led me to find other logos that have that 3-part flame look to them. In order they are the Epilepsy Foundation, Seagrave Fire Apparatus and Camp Fire Girls. These are just the tip of the iceberg for flame logos. There are literally hundreds out there.

Then I found an interesting article on the same subject with some great examples: When logos look alike. It’s from the fun and educational website, LogoDesignLove.

Clearly, if you are involved with logo design, it becomes more difficult to come up with original ideas given the heavy proliferation of graphic communications, clipart and software that makes designing a lot easier than it was years ago. It pays to search the web just to be sure you aren’t copying something too closely. 🙂 Google Image Search can be used to find similar images but it doesn’t always work well on graphic files. There may be other resources out there so let us know if you find something interesting or useful!

Disclaimer: Logos above are copyright their respective holders and our use of them is purely educational.

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