Geldner Group helps develop sales presentation program for major contractor

Carlsbad, CA – Geldner Group was tasked with an unusual request — help a billion dollar construction and engineering firm develop a system for training its technical engineers and builders with making sales presentations. Agency principal Linda Geldner used her 30 years of experience being on the client-side of presentations and her commercial acting background to develop a different and fun approach she called “Making Your Own Movie.” The concept brings the ideas of script writing, practice in front of others and role playing into helping technical people make more awesome sales presentations.

As agency co-principal Tom Geldner explains it, “Many technical types are faced with several issues making successful sales pitches. They don’t do it much. They are often introverted or shy in customer or group settings. And, they have a tendency to get into the weeds about project or program details that the customer doesn’t need or want to hear.”

The entire package consists of three class modules covering simple script development and basic Acting 101 along with several tutorials, suggestions for development and motivational tips. If this is something you think might help your business, contact us!