Your website sucks according to a SPAM email

We had to laugh this morning at an email that leaked through our spam filters. The subject was “DEVELOP GOOGLE FRIENDLY WEBSITE ?” and it started off listing things that were “wrong” with our website (mixed in with things they do). It supposedly came from some guy named Andrew Richards but I doubt it since the English through the body of the email pretty bad. The thing that made me pay attention to it was the fact that I know an Andrew Richards pretty well but he’s no web developer.

Problems with your original site:

1. You can’t control your site or change content.
2. Search engines can’t find you.
3. Improve your organic traffic and sales.
4. Secure your website from Google’s latest updates.
5. Target your relevant market to increase business.
6.  Your site has out-dated technology.
7.  Out-dated look.
8. The website is having on-page and on-site issues.
9.  Slow load times.
10. We will give you 1st page ranking on major search engine i.e. Google.

Anyway, our site is on the latest version of WordPress, is SEO optimized (albeit nitchy), is pre-cached pretty and uses several cool plugins to simplify content creation. That pretty much says, “No, you can’t help us.” I honestly wonder if the millions of spam email this company sends out ever result in real work? Who wouldn’t want their website to be redone in poor English with sloppy design work just like their email?

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